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Pallet Preparation

  1. What is a pallet?

    A pallet is an industry standard base which enables consignments of goods to be transported safel... (read more)

  2. How should I wrap the pallet?

    All goods should be secured to a pallet using pallet wrapping or appropriate strapping before the... (read more)

  3. How do I prepare a pallet for collection?

    Items must be secured to a safe, strong pallet, wrapped and accessible to a pallet vehicle for lo... (read more)

  4. What are the size, weight and height restrictions?

    There are five different standard definitions for pallets: All of them have the same base size, ... (read more)

  5. What if my item overhangs the pallet?

    Goods must not overhang the pallet as this is likely to result in damage in transit. If your item... (read more)

  6. Can I send multiple items on a pallet?

    Yes – remember that you should think of them as multiple items and give them each the same attent... (read more)

  7. How do I book extra space for larger items?

    This cannot be done via the website so please contact our customer services team via live help or... (read more)

  8. Can I send engines?

    Engines are currently prohibited items and cannot be shipped with us.View the full list of prohib... (read more)