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How do I prepare a pallet for collection?

  1. Items must be secured to a safe, strong pallet, wrapped and accessible to a pallet vehicle for loading. Items on the pallet must be suitably packaged and protected so that they will not be damaged in transit.
  2. Pallets will tilt when lifted by forklift and goods must therefore be stable, centred and balanced on the pallet.
  3. Your item must not overhang the pallet base or allotted height as specified (See What are the size, weight and height restrictions?).
  4. You should book extra space if needed. The pallet base is 1.2m deep x 1m wide and the Goods should not overhang the pallet base.
  5. Pallets must not exceed the weight stated for the appropriate pallet size. In all cases pallets should not exceed 1,000kg. If you have Goods to ship that are heavier than 1,000kg please contact our customer services team via live help or email us at [email protected] .
  6. You must firmly affix a label to the side of your pallet that clearly shows the consignment reference and the address of the delivery destination (ideally a label on at least 2 sides). You will be sent a suitable document by email as part of the booking process which you can print and use if you do not have one.
  7. The collecting driver will assess your pallet and will only make the collection if he decides your pallet has been properly prepared and is safe for transit. The collecting driver must act within health and safety guidelines and it is entirely at his discretion whether or not the collection can be made.

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